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Artwork Submission

Guidelines for editors and authors for submitting artwork and images for publication at Dumbarton Oaks.

Updated June 10, 2020


All authors and contributors are responsible for obtaining high-resolution images and image reproduction rights for their submissions.


As author or contributor, you are responsible for obtaining and paying for permission for reproduction of any material you supply, including any copyrighted text or images. Download a permission request letter template.

Please submit written documentation indicating permission to publish each submitted image when you submit your final manuscript. All documentation should be saved as separate PDF files, which are clearly named with the corresponding image.

For images obtained from previously published works, please remember that image rights are held by the image’s copyright holder, not necessarily by the publisher of the book in which the image appears or by the author of the book or article.

Image Quality

Each image must be obtained, scanned, or photographed to meet the resolution or dimensions requirements for print described below. Images obtained from websites are, for the most part, of insufficient quality for print.

We will be happy to check your images before submission to help you evaluate quality and how best to proceed. After submission we will vet all images to be sure that there will be no problems during the production process, and we may ask you for replacements if needed.

If you supply images 8” wide at the required resolution or dimensions as shown below, that should be sufficient for almost any book size.

We prefer .tif with no compression for scanned artwork or photographs. The most common digital camera format is .jpg, and a high-quality .jpg is fine for submission as well. When you submit an Adobe Illustrator (.ai or .eps) or Photoshop file, please retain the layers in case we need to edit any text. We do not accept images placed in MS Word or PowerPoint as final image submissions.

If you have concerns, we are happy to check the quality of an image for you. If you are not sure about finished size or image quality, or if you have any questions at all, please check with your editor or email us at

Type of Image Examples Scan As Should Be Preferred File Format
Black-and-white line drawing (scanned) Images that have black lines and dots only: maps, architectural plans, line drawings of objects “black-and-white” 1200 dpi .tif
Black-and-white photograph illustration (scanned) Scans of black-and-white photographs, illustrations, maps, and any images with shades of gray “grayscale” 2400 pixels wide .tif (.jpg is okay)
Black-and-white or color illustration (digital) Maps, architectural plans, object drawings, etc., created on a computer and that have type n/a n/a .ai or .eps with layers
Color photograph (scanned or digital) Color photographs from either digital camera or scanned “color” 2400 pixels wide .tif (.jpg is okay)